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Halal Zertifikat

All sweets are HALAL certified

We are the only shop in the world where all offered have a halal certificate.

Without pork gelatine

Alle Süßigkeiten sind ohne Schweinegelatine. Die verwendete Gelatine stammt von halal geschächteten Rindern aus der Türkei.

Ohne Ethanol & Kreuzkontamination

Our products do not contain ethanol (alcohol) and are produced without cross-contamination. 

Our Philosophy

This online shop only sells products that are 100% halal. For muslims in Europe, USA or elsewhere it is often difficult to determine whether products are really halal: because often it says "halal" on it, but "halal" is not in it. We know this problem only too well ourselves. We have therefore set up an online shop that exclusively offers halal products so that the muslim population can buy halal products without doubts. This means that our halal sweets are produced without ethanol (or alcohol), without pork gelatine and without cross-contamination. If the products contain animal foodstuffs, then only if they were slaughtered according to the Islamic ritual. To be on the safe side, we require suppliers and manufacturers to provide official assurance that the halal criteria have been met. In addition, we approach the manufacturers and check how the products are manufactured to ensure that we only offer products that we consume ourselves.

We are at your disposal for all advice and assistance.  We are happy to supply you with delicious halal sweets. Write an email to

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