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Reply to End Kirküc in the Facebook group Halalcheck

[This article is a response to Ender Kirküc 's question in the Facebook group Halalcheck on 30.04.2021. The question can be found at the following link: https: //]


Aleyküm Selam Ender Kirküc,

I founded the Halal Online Shop during the refugee debate in March 2016 because I wanted to offer help to refugees and refugee homes. It was meant as a small side project alongside my work and has now developed into a small business.

The aim of this company is to enable Muslim families to buy sweets for their children without worry.

Regarding the gelatine, most manufacturers of halal certified fruit gums use either beef gelatine from Brazil or Turkey. These are the two countries where halal certified gelatine is most commonly produced and used by manufacturers. We have decided to only offer sweets that contain beef gelatine from Turkey. The company that produces the beef gelatine is called Halavet Gıda and is located in Istanbul. We find candy manufacturers around the world who are halal certified and get the gelatine from Turkey from this company. This gelatine is certified by Türk Standardları Enstitüsü (TSE): Because all of our sweets use this gelatine, you will find this certificate most prominently on the page. 

In addition, we only list sweets that do not contain carmine (E number 120). This is often used as a red colouring in fruit gums.

Another point we pay attention to is that the sweets do not have ethanol as a carrier in the flavours. This does not have to be explicitly stated by the manufacturer in the list of ingredients and must therefore be requested separately from the manufacturer. We therefore do not list "normal" vegan sweets, but only those that are halal certified and do not contain ethanol.

I have not seen shellac (E904) in any list of ingredients so far. If it did appear, this would also be a criterion for exclusion.

We currently list sweets from the brands Sweetzone, Haribo and Miralina's Halal Sweets in the shop.

Independent of the gelatine, the manufacturing process and the factory or production facility must also be halal certified. These separate halal certificates can be found with each product under the product images:



From September 2021, we will only list the brands Miralina's Halal Sweets and Haribo Halal.

I hope I could answer your questions.




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